Traffic Race 3D 2 – New endless level :) v1.6.3

Sorry about the delay in this update. I’ve been busy with Super Bounce Ball Maze but I have not forgotten about Traffic Race 3D 2.

v1.6.3 fixes many glitches and changes the order of the levels. I’ve taken the decision to remove full screen ads between level loads making the gaming experience much better.

Last but not least check out the new endless level with 2 lanes and head on traffic :o)

Traffic Race 3D 2 - Head on Traffic

Have fun!

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Super Bounce Ball Maze – 100 reviews & added 3 new levels 1.0.6

Hi everyone!

Thanks for all the great reviews you have written for Super Bounce Ball Maze. Recently it passed 100 reviews with an average rating of 4.4/5 so it seems like you LOVE IT :)

As a way of saying thank you I’ve created 3 new levels which are kind of hard. I’m working on new levels which I hope to get finished soon!

Here are a few of the added levels in 1.0.6


Super Bounce Ball Maze - Evil balls



Traffic Race 3D 2 – Race against 6 people online!!!

Yes I’m still here :)

Sorry about the lack of updates and posts, been busy working on this update.

In this update I’ve added support for up to 6 players online which is enough to cause proper mayhem which is the goal!

A new endless level with traffic in 2 directions is included and I’m working on a single lane endless level too.

Take the new car for a ride while you’re at it!

Traffic Race 3D 2

Here is the rest of the news in this update:
* New Feature: Added support for 6 simultaneous players in online races :)
* New Feature: Added new Endless Free way level with 2 lanes and two way traffic.
* New Feature: Added push notifications.
* Improved: Car damage is active on regular races too now.
* Improved: New AI cars.
* Improved: Increased AI speed on Endless levels.
* Improved: Made the game harder to complete = more stars are required for levels after level #4.
* Bug: Fixed Resize issue on larger screens on other games screen.

Traffic Race 3D 2 – Race against 4 people online

Hey all!

I’m super excited to tell you that another update is available v1.6.0.

This update brings support for up to 4 players in online multiplayer races. I believe that we can push this number to 6 in the future but I want to ensure that the game can handle 4 players without lag.

I’ve also spent a lot of time tuning and tweaking the cars and controls to make them feel even more natural.

I hope that you will enjoy this update.

Traffic Race 3D 2 - 4 player online race

Change log
* New Feature: Added support for 4 simultaneous players in online races!!!
* New Feature: Country flags and player names are visible over their cars in multiplayer.
* New Feature: Added handbreak.
* New Feature: Camera mode is now stored.
* Improved: Improved: Handling of all cars, more stable and more drift on most cars.
* Improved: Opimized several levels & made them more fun.
* Improved: Tuned shadows for Android and Windows Store.
* Improved: When IAP is owned, painting is free.
* Improved: You cannot get negative total score in Online Races anymore in the Hall Of Fame.
* Improved: Country flags use higher resolution.
* Bug: Quality was not set properly for online games. It was always set to max regardless of the players settings.
* Bug: Fixed Resize issue on final time on certain resolutions.
* Bug: Swosh audio on end level was not always played and it was played when the hall of fame was closed.

Traffic Race 3D 2 – Endless Racing


As a celebration to Traffic Race 3D 1 we decided to create an Endless level in Traffic Race 3D 2 but with a few changes.
When you crash you no longer die but merely take damage. You will be able to handle quite a few crashes but your car performance deteriorates, eventually you will not be able to drive at all.

The endless game mode is simple, drive as fast as possible and reach next checkpoint in time to get a time extension.

This is an early stage of development so we’ll improve the graphic and content of the endless level in future releases!

We’re also celebrating 700 played online races in Traffic Race 3D 2. Thanks everyone :)

Traffic Race 3D 2 Endless Racing

Traffic Race 3D 2 broken car

This is also new in this release:

* New Feature: Endless game mode :)
* New Feature: damage system
* Improved: Better audio when passing checkpoints
* Improved: Performance improvement = Better FPS on mobile devices, especially on Windows Phone
* Improved: AI tweeked, AI cars can now reverse if they are stuck
* Improved: Mobile touch input = Easier to steer cars with touch
* Improved: Cars have better grip on grass and sand
* Fixed bug: AI spawned to low causing them to flip over on City level

* New Feature: Added new car Preza.
* Improved: More details to tires and rims.
* Improved: Optimized vehicle AI = better performance.
* Fixed bug: Camera didn’t reset properly when changing modes.
* Fixed bug: AI cars no longer tip over so easy.