Air Merc – Hello world


This is the first post for the development of Air Merc.

My main target for this game will be mobile devices and I’ve mostly been working with Windows Phone so that is my first target. I will share the progress on Game Jolt too.

I always aim to create a early playable version of the game. Never mind if its ugly or if it just uses boxes as graphics, right now all we want to do is try out the concept and see if its fun enough.

Its better to fail fast, rather than spending days or weeks creating perfect graphics when it turns out the game idea is not fun enough.

As gamedev tools I’ll use Unity3D with NGUI, GIMP, Audacity

I only have about 1h a day to spend on gamedev that means that I need to use my time extremely well. Therefore I use a lot of free or paid for assets.
In this game I’ll use air planes sprites from Mark Simpson

The game concept is an evolution of Missile Dash

Setting limits and boundaries is good from the start, so here is a major one. The game is designed to run at 480×800, this is the lowest resolution on Windows Phone, most of users use this resolution.

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