Help us improve Traffic Race 3D 2

We’ve been busy adding more features in Traffic Race 3D 2 and also fixing a few bugs.

And now we’d really like to hear your opinion: What would you like to see added to this game?

So we’ve added Survey Monkey into the game. If you play it more than 3 times you will get a 4 questions about what you think about the game. Please take a minute to answer it, it will really help us!

There are the latest updates that we’ve shipped this week. It can take up to 72 hours before the store updates so stay tuned.

What’s in the updates?
* Feature: Added fog on Windows too
* Feature: Increased draw distance
* Fixed bug: IAP system was not connecting properly
* Feature: Uses Full graphics quality as default.
* Fixed bug: ads could be shown while playing the game.
* Fixed bug: online rank system not connecting properly.
* Feature: Added more race options including reversed race mode.
* Feature: Added help button that links to our website.

Drive Safe! 

Traffic Race 3D in action

Hey chicken why did u break?

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