Traffic Race 3D 2 – AI Race cars


This weeks updated is fully packed with new features and improvements. We’re especially excited about the new cars with Race Track AI.

We also added a new camera mode that we call Blimp, its sort of like a GTA 1 style camera. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Traffic Race 3D 2 Blimp Camera Mode

Whats new in
* New Feature: Added new camera mode: Blimp! Kind of like GTA 1.
* New Feature: Added a Next button to play next level directly.
* New Feature: Music on/off setting added.
* New Feature: Escape button finally works :)
* New Feature: New AI Race cars on race tracks.
* New Feature: We are asking players for reviews.
* Improved: Default is now 2 laps. 3 laps was too much for many players.
* Improved: AI busses was flipping over too easy, made them more stable.
* Improved: AI was slipping a lot, added more friction to their tires.
* Improved: Made it easier to get 1 star on all levels.
* Improved: Implemented new waypoint system for AI.
* Fixed bug: Game does not ask for surveys correctly.
* Fixed bug: AI was turning wheels way too fast causing a woobling.
* Fixed bug: Welcome Back Achievements was awarded when you started the game.
* Fixed bug: Car Setup button was added by mistake, feature not ready yet :)

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