Traffic Race 3D 2 – Android & Google Play

We’ve been busy working on several updates and improvements but we’ve been bad at updating our blog!

During the last days we’ve added support for Android :) Which means that you all get more players to race with.

Download Traffic Race 3D 2 for Android already!

We’ve got loads of new ideas that we’re implementing during 2016. Don’t forget to send us feedback!

Whats new in the latest releases:

Change log
* New Feature: Rear View Mirror view added to Windows
* Improved: Store flashes when out of coins and you attempt to make a purchase
* Improved: Add Spray Can repaint sound.
* Improved: BEAST car improved handling.
* Improved: Added turn signs to Rally level.
* Improved: Blimp camera mode stays longer behind the car so you can see more forward.
* Improved: UI Arrow is a bit lower so you see it better.
* Improved: More signs on City Tutorial Level. So you can find your way!
* Fixed Bug: Tutorial icons are strange and resize is badly.
* Fixed Bug: Arrow in Blimp Mode should be disabled, its just confusing.

* New Feature: added IAP to get rid of ads
* Fixed Bug: On multiplayer games wrong end screen could be shown after a race was completed.
* Fixed Bug: Multiplayer games end results was not reported properly.
* Fixed Bug: On some Android devices the restart button didn’t work.
* Improved: Reduced package size.

* New Feature: Android support.
* New Feature: New intro.
* New Feature: You get alerts when a multiplayer game is available.
* Improved: New & Improved GUI in main menu.
* Improved: Game currency and costs updated.
* Improved: Better network implementation = reduced lag.
* Improved: Camera auto rotates around car in garage.
* Improved: Our other games are added as links.
* Fixed Bug: Widow makers texture was a bit blurry.
* Fixed Bug: Game should work on most resolutions now.
* Fixed Bug: Users car flip over on multiplayer start

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