Traffic Race 3D 2 – Results after 2 weeks

This post is mostly for other independent developers
Traffic Race 3D 2 next has been about for a bit longer than a week and as promised I will share some numbers.

Since a while back I’ve started to use DeltaDNA which works very well for me.

Download KPI and usage
By looking at some basic KPIs we can see that Traffic Race 3D 2 is doing better than I expected :)

206 players have tried the game and they have played a whooping 1187 levels/courses. That’s 5.76 levels per user, which is quite good considering there as just 3 levels to play.

Looking quickly at the DAU, WAU and MAU we can see that people get bored with the game kind of fast which was expected.

TrafficRace3D2_2weeksPerformanceDAUMAU 2015-09-21

TrafficRace3D2_stickiness 2015-09-21

Earnings and revenue
Well the game made zero revenue on the first 2 weeks which is according to expectations.
Right now the game only uses cross network add promotions via which only generate traffic.

IAP revenue was also zero. Actually the IAP code was broken the first week so even if someone wanted they would not be able to make a purchase.

We need to work on more content = more levels & cars and make the current levels more fun so the stickiness increases.

Later on we will focus more on the revenue side of the game.

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