Traffic Race 3D 2 – Unlockabe levels and stars


We’ve shipped a new update ( to you and we’ve been working on the Gamification part of the game.

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That might sound strange as this is a game, right? To be honest we’ve only focused on getting the game aspects to work properly and therefore its been more of a simulator than an actual game.

With this update we’ve added a unlock system to levels where you need to reach complete earlier stages fast enough to earn enough stars to unlock additional stages. This method has worked good for us earlier and is a proven method in gaming. Let us know what you think, is it too hard or too easy or just boring?

Traffic Race 3D 2 unlocks

We’ve also added music and a bunch of new stuff, check out the list below.
* New Feature: Lap counter
* New Feature: Added music
* New Feature: Added unlock system for tracks.
* Improved: Reduced number of options on start race.
* Improved: AI cars start closer to the player car.
* Improved: AI cars will stay still until the level starts.
* Improved: AI cars will hoonk at you if you hit them.
* Improved: AI cars changes lanes.
* New Track: Vega Race Track.
* New Feature: When you first start the game you can select input mode.
* Improved: Increased traffic
* Improved: Busses are a bit bigger.
* Improved: AI cars does not flip so easy.
* Improved: AI cars drive faster.
* Improved: AI cars look better.
* Improved: 10s start delay is removed, based on user feedback.
* Improved: Default is 1 lap now.
* Improved: Fog is now a bit further away.
* Fixed bug: AI cars had shading problems on certain computers.
* Fixed bug: Race track reverse mode was not working properly.
* Fixed bug: Reverse mode was not updating Hall Of Fame.
* Fixed bug: Arrow point towards next waypoint was poiting wrong at times :)
* Fixed bug: Default quality setting was low, changed it to full.

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