Traffic Race 3D 2 – Windows Phone


Sorry for missing the weekly build last week. We’ve been busy porting the new version to Windows Phone and ran into some issues.

IF you for some strange reason still like the good old Traffic Race 3D 2 then you can still download it here:

In this build we’ve also fixed some bugs and added a few new features for Windows Store too!

Whats new in 1.4.21
* Ahh new version system :)
* New Feature: Windows Phone support (if you like the old version better, look for “Traffic Race 3D 2 WP 8” in the store).
* New Feature: Perform certain tasks/missions to get more coins.
* New Feature: Video ads support for Windows Store and Phone. Watch ads = more coins!
* Improved: Updated icons
* Improved: You sit higher in Stooge now.
* Improved: Size reduced with 10 mb.
* Fixed bug: You get 3 coins when you win in the casino. No more and no less :)
* Fixed bug: First time you visited the garage, all buttons was missing.
* Fixed bug: Mouse was flickering on Windows Store.
* Fixed bug: Traffic Race 3D 2 Windows Phone users will get their IAPs and unlocks properly converted.
* Fixed bug: Screen is based on screen width now not height. Should make UI look better.
* Fixed bug: + sign was not flying out of screen properly in the garage

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