Super Bounce Ball Maze

Super Bounce Ball Maze

Super Bounce Ball Maze

Play On

Windows Phone 8.1+
Windows 8.1+
WebGL – Kongregate

Genre: Platformer/Maze
Technology: Unity 5
Platform: Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8.1
Stats: 10 000 downloads in first month
Rating: 297 reviews 4.5/5 in average rating

Super Bounce Ball Maze is a mix between old school platform games, mazes and labyrinths.

Controls are simple yet intuitive: push left to roll left, push right to roll right. There is no jump button so you have to use brain your to solve each puzzle.

Do you have the brains and skills to beat all of the levels?

Super Bounce Ball Maze – 100 reviews & added 3 new levels 1.0.6

Hi everyone!

Thanks for all the great reviews you have written for Super Bounce Ball Maze. Recently it passed 100 reviews with an average rating of 4.4/5 so it seems like you LOVE IT :)

As a way of saying thank you I’ve created 3 new levels which are kind of hard. I’m working on new levels which I hope to get finished soon!

Here are a few of the added levels in 1.0.6


Super Bounce Ball Maze - Evil balls