Traffic Race 3D 2 – Endless Racing


As a celebration to Traffic Race 3D 1 we decided to create an Endless level in Traffic Race 3D 2 but with a few changes.
When you crash you no longer die but merely take damage. You will be able to handle quite a few crashes but your car performance deteriorates, eventually you will not be able to drive at all.

The endless game mode is simple, drive as fast as possible and reach next checkpoint in time to get a time extension.

This is an early stage of development so we’ll improve the graphic and content of the endless level in future releases!

We’re also celebrating 700 played online races in Traffic Race 3D 2. Thanks everyone :)

Traffic Race 3D 2 Endless Racing

Traffic Race 3D 2 broken car

This is also new in this release:

* New Feature: Endless game mode :)
* New Feature: damage system
* Improved: Better audio when passing checkpoints
* Improved: Performance improvement = Better FPS on mobile devices, especially on Windows Phone
* Improved: AI tweeked, AI cars can now reverse if they are stuck
* Improved: Mobile touch input = Easier to steer cars with touch
* Improved: Cars have better grip on grass and sand
* Fixed bug: AI spawned to low causing them to flip over on City level

* New Feature: Added new car Preza.
* Improved: More details to tires and rims.
* Improved: Optimized vehicle AI = better performance.
* Fixed bug: Camera didn’t reset properly when changing modes.
* Fixed bug: AI cars no longer tip over so easy.

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