Traffic Race 3D 2- New city level!

Yay, its Friday!

Sorry for the delay with the weekly release, we’ve been busy fixing bugs and adding new stuff.

Finally our Tutorial level is done and its a small city level which you can also just drive around like crazy in. One guy spent 28 minutes on the level before completing it :)

Traffic Race 3D 2 city cruise

This is also new in 1.4.23
* New Feature: New City map added.
* New Feature: Added Tutorial.

* Improved: The game automatically detects the best input mode.
* Improved: Next checkpoint is green while all others are red, makes it easier to see if you missed a checkpoint!
* Improved: AI cars run a bit faster on the Vega Race Track level.
* Improved: Changed number of stars you get on some levels, made it harder :)
* Fixed Bug: Input settings no longer pop-up when you change driver name.
* Fixed Bug: Get more coins could get stuck and the back button would not work.
* Fixed Bug: Game would crash due to out of memory on Nokia 520 and low memory devices.
* Fixed Bug: You could get the “Welcome back” achievement at the wrong time!

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