Traffic Race 3D 2 – Race against 4 people online

Hey all!

I’m super excited to tell you that another update is available v1.6.0.

This update brings support for up to 4 players in online multiplayer races. I believe that we can push this number to 6 in the future but I want to ensure that the game can handle 4 players without lag.

I’ve also spent a lot of time tuning and tweaking the cars and controls to make them feel even more natural.

I hope that you will enjoy this update.

Traffic Race 3D 2 - 4 player online race

Change log
* New Feature: Added support for 4 simultaneous players in online races!!!
* New Feature: Country flags and player names are visible over their cars in multiplayer.
* New Feature: Added handbreak.
* New Feature: Camera mode is now stored.
* Improved: Improved: Handling of all cars, more stable and more drift on most cars.
* Improved: Opimized several levels & made them more fun.
* Improved: Tuned shadows for Android and Windows Store.
* Improved: When IAP is owned, painting is free.
* Improved: You cannot get negative total score in Online Races anymore in the Hall Of Fame.
* Improved: Country flags use higher resolution.
* Bug: Quality was not set properly for online games. It was always set to max regardless of the players settings.
* Bug: Fixed Resize issue on final time on certain resolutions.
* Bug: Swosh audio on end level was not always played and it was played when the hall of fame was closed.

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